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Reflection of webzine-making practice with hand-coding.

I want to be able to build it by myself so that I know what and how I want it to be. by Aggie

It's about expanding my memories and feelings. by Garam

'Oh I see, this issue is on me. Thus I should be the one who is able to fix it'. by Alexandra

You get a lot of errors… and you have to solve them on your own. by Enrique

I often draw my website on the paper
by Amber

So you would have more narrowed scale of audience. by Hilde

What is this page..?

Hello, my name is Nami and I am a Rotterdam-based web publisher, running a webzine platform User Sentimental eXperience This page is a collection of my interviews with 6 students that I met in a course HTML Zine Club. HTML Zine Club is an experimental education program that I created and ran in 2023 at Willem de Kooning Academy, a Rotterdam-based art school. The program aimed to introduce students care-based HTML & CSS studying and making hand-coded webpages with personal writings, which I call the webzine. In the interview, I asked them questions like:

  • How did they experience learning the HTML&CSS and write lines of codes by their hands?
  • Were they able to find independency in the practice?
  • How was it like to be pushed to the boundaries of discovering and solving issues of their codes?
  • How did they experience the notion 'webzine'? (Materiality of the digital work & The power of small-personal story)